Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!

I've decided to send out a post from here at work so that I will have to make up the work-time I've wasted blogging.  And I can't think of a better time to reimburse this wasted time than tonight when half of my neighborhood (and several others) will be knocking on my door looking for free handouts.  I've been looking for good excuses to be away from my house during this time ever since the casually dressed high school kids stopped by my house for the second time in one night looking for candy.... (which also happened to be the first year I extended by gracious, candy-giving hand.)

I'm not saying Halloween is all bad, there ARE some good things about it, but none of those reasons ever show up on my door on Halloween night, so I'll try not to be home.

Anyway, so I'm not posting this to complain about the rising costs of Halloween candy, or greedy kids, or even a cool costume idea I have, but I thought I'd send you a quick pic of the "costume" that my thermostat project is going to dress as.  This is just a concept idea at this point, but I have a project case for it already, so the relative dimensions should be close.

The three black dots are the buttons to control the menus and such. There is a blue and a red LED to indicate when either the cooling or heating element is enabled.  Then the main LCD screen (blue rectangle) will show some relevant (I use this term loosely...) information.  The text on the front panel (outside of the LCD screen) will hopefully come from a printable stick on label that will cover the entire plate.   Hmmm.... In the case of a full label, I guess I could add some sort of graphic or label (please re-read the last sentence if you didn't see the word 'OR' included.).  Let me know if you have any cool ideas!

That's all folks.  No summary today as the picture should eliminate the need...

I hope you all enjoy the gift of giving this hollowed evening!


  1. If I had to guess at what you view as a positive of halloween, I'm going to guess it's "girls with an excuse to dress slutty" :D I could be wrong...

  2. Well, I was actually talking about all the left over Halloween candy in the office the day after. Uhh...but your's works too! ;)