Thursday, October 20, 2011


So I've decided to create a blog to showcase all the potentially wonderful projects that I have in-progress from time to time. The thought here is that if I think someone is keeping up with the status of what I am working on, it will motivate me to keep up a decent pace and maybe, just maybe, allow me to actually follow through with one of these projects.   Please note, the important thing is if I think people are reading this... so if you want to give a boost to my morale, just open up the blog and gaze over it a bit. This will do wonders for my motivation. 

I must warn you, however, make sure you've recently either had a good night's sleep, plenty of caffeine, be experiencing some sort of physical pain, be in a loud room, etc (possibly all of the above), because some of the subjects covered here will have a strong propensity to cause dazing.   (Are you, or someone you know experiencing from insomnia?  Well stop on by this blog for the cure!  We all win!)

Seriously though, I will try to keep a lid on the majority of the engineering vernacular (nerd lingo).  Although, of course, I've got to throw some of that in from time to time because, well, that's those are the exciting parts!  (OK, who's still with me after THAT statement.) I'll also try to keep it lighthearted most of the time.

The majority of my projects have to do with electronics. Hence the punny name. *chuckle*   However,  I also have many other hobbies and interests, so it's possible that other topics will crop up as well.

So come along with me on this exciting and educational journey of the wonderful things that can happen in an ordinary workshop!    **(Uh, OK, the theme song was supposed to start before this statement was read.  No? Dammit! OK, read it again and imagine a theme song playing...  I'll wait.)**

Summary for the Skimmers:    Welcome. New blog. Nerdy projects. Much detail. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. I also brew (and sometimes drink) beer.  Which makes the title of this blog even punnier... *chuckle*  There's a good chance that this "beer" topic will be presented again.


  1. You SOMETIMES drink beer? That may not be the most accurate statement I've ever heard!! ;)

  2. Ha! Yeah, I went from "Keepin it Real" to "Keepin it PC"...